Wednesday, June 24

Not sure what they are going for here

Apparently women love their burgers. Is Burger Kings target audience truly young blond women? Or are they large beefy overweight men? Maybe instead of making some penis shaped burger make a vagina shaped one. This will at least bring in more homophobes. "I AINT eaten no dick burger!" EGAD! This add does do what it says and blows the Lurker's mind. I believe it even surpasses McDonald's advertisement a while back.

The Lurker believes they need to get retro and bring back the stuff that brought me there all the time. A strange clown who hung out with stranger friends. Come on guys bring back the old ads and the Lurker might stop in everyone once in a while. I put this one up recently and I love the jingle.

Side note: When I have a major migraine I desperately crave McDonald's fries and a coke. So oily, salty and delicious. All the brains foodie sensors at once.

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