Friday, June 19

another installment of freaky friday

The Lurker discovered this morning that his most favorite comedian in these United States has a Twitter feed. That's right Sarah "Gosh darnit" Palin has a feed. Unfortunately it is boring as hell so I went looking and found this from those elitist bastards the New York Times. Oh wait the Lurker is one of the elitist bastards. OK well the New York Times has a great video of all the people protesting Letterman because of the Palin controversy. If you have no idea look it up. The Lurker better not be your only news source. Seriously that would be sad as hell. Several things to look for here while watching
  • "Do you know what that is in Jewish." I love this woman. She is a New Yorker and as well all know only Jews live in New York so they all speak in Jewish. The language the poor deluded train wreck of a woman is referring to is Yiddish or possibly Hebrew. She has much more to say through the video.
  • Watch also for the rape by mouth comment. Who doesn't want a rape by mouth t-shirt? The Lurker can see a whole line of merchandise. Maybe a video game.
  • While listening to the rape stuff go back and watch the two guys in the back right.
  • Leno really? I thought these people would be Daily Show people
  • The white guy with the black lady is priceless

Thank you Sarah Palin and all your wonderful supporters. No writer or true comedian can be as good as you. May the white non Jewish Jesus Christ who loves all babies till we kill them in war bless you.

OK sorry for that bit getting all pissy. Oh and sorry for the lame commercial in front of the video.

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