Tuesday, May 12

Makes the Snuggie look damn near normal

Since the Snuggie is so popular now there is the peekaru. A new terrifying look for moms who want to look like a bad B movie. If the Lurker saw this he would run the other way. So if you would like to look like some terrible Chernobyl experiment gone wrong then march on over to the site and grab one before they are all gone.

On a sort of related side note: The Lurker has been looking for this movie for years. It is called Light Years. You can watch it here. From what I can remember it is about a guy who helps a computer and then travels 20 years into the future to find out what the computer has become. Granted it has been years since I have seen it but the reason I bring it up is because the mutants in the movie rather resemble this monstrosity above.

Oh wait wasn't there also another movie reference to this as well. When Arnie finally meets Kuato....ick

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  1. okay thats weird but this is another thing out that is pretty cool "the wearable towel"