Friday, May 8

I need your notebook!

OK the lurker has just gone through a week with on/off migraines. I am finally getting back to normal or at least close enough for the lurker. However the Lurker is on full mind dump mode with a tinge of free association so here it goes. I meant to do a post just on the first site below but then I seemed to go all over the place.

So awkward and even worse when it is caught on camera. What is the Lurker talking about? Photos from a site called Awkward Boners. You figure it out.
And in keeping with the message here is a pic of the most awesome Boner of them all from Growing pains. Does anyone else remember the episode where boner and mike go to a party and there is cocaine? Just as memorable as the friend dying episode on Family Ties.

More Boner Stabone information
The Lurker feels a little bit more balanced after he got that out of his system. I propose that August 8th is national Boner day in honor of this great actor's role. Its his birthday.

The Lurker

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