Friday, May 15


A while back the Found Footage Film Festival was showing in Cambridge. Mrs. Lurker and I were ready to go and as usual I got a migraine. We missed the show but thanks to VideoHomesystem's link I get a sneak peek on what it was like. After watching the video check out their site. They essentially do what the Lurker does which is to go through old tapes and find the best and worst of our planet. Also you might as well head over to FFF's site as well. I believe the Lurker may need to make a purchase of their DVD.

Seriously they find the best stuff! One of the only or best videos about um well essentially it is a how to of um..well...uh. Ok it is hypnotic date rape but is is a great video. Also I should warn you it is all safe until the last 5 seconds. It may not be OK for work.

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