Friday, April 17

The other day...

The Lurker has not been feeling well because of a nasty migraine and so there have not been any posts recently. During a bit of a lull of pain Mrs. Lurker and I watched Karate Kid 2. I really remember liking part one and getting a real...ha..ha..kick out of it. Ha...Sorry. Number 2 however I only had vague memories of. It really is a superior movie. Everything from the story to the soundtrack is awesome. Give it a rewatch! Also not to spoil anything but it continues literally 15 minutes after the first movie. It made the Lurker feel better after watching it.
Oh ya one other thing at the end credits it shows a thank you to DC comics. I had no idea about this but DC comics let the studio use their superhero name for the movies. So very strange.
Get some popcorn and enjoy. Honk!

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  1. Bytheway, I have to say, this is my all time favorite sequal to a movie, ever.

    I will state 5 things to support my comment:

    (1.) The shots of three or more charactors within frame.

    (2.) The FANTASTIC Musical score.

    (3.) The emotional conenction between Miagi and his Father, Friend and student, Daniel son.

    (4.) How the Bad Guy in most 80's movies becomes good, and then teaches how he saw the error of his ways.

    And (5.) The first 15 minutes. Amazing fotage they COULD have not used. Yet, it set up the rest of the sequal because of everything discribed within real life applications of karate dicipline.

    I love this movie, can't you tell?