Monday, March 30

Now that's gaaaaaaaay

Click to enlarge it. It definitley is worth looking at closely.
Seriously someone please explain why it seems this child has a medal or an award of some kind. The child should have been beaten with its own project board. I say it because there is a book entitled " A child named it" and I can't tell if IT is a girl or a boy.
One last thing if you plan on answering, why is a man on horse even mentioned? Why not other forms of bestiality? I mean who in the hell has access to a horse these days? Just the cost alone would prohibit it. How about a dog? Everyone's got dogs. I mean I don't but come on...

The Lurker guarantees he will meet this child at some time and we shall have words!


  1. photoshop, yay

  2. Yes the Lurker knows it is photoshop but you can't really be indignant about what you sent. You know you don't actually have to tell people it is fake and kill the funny.