Monday, March 16

Jew don't like salt

The Lurker does not use any other salt except Kosher salt. It is not blessed by a Rabbi or by god or by the salt angel who is not really an angel at all but just a guy who works in the great salt mines and does that snow angel thing....except he does it in salt. Um OK ya so I don't buy Kosher salt for those reasons. The Lurker buys it because it does a nice job in your cooking and doesn't taste like iodized crap. Now I hope this is fake but a man sick, sick I say, of hearing about TV chefs waxing poetic about that dern jew salt has gotten fed up and made his own god ferrin Christian Salt.

**Sigh** it is even blessed by an Episcopalian priest. Click here to see an image of the product. **Sigh**

It is too bad this man is finally disrupting our master plan to take over the planet by converting people who eat are ever so tasty salt to Judiasim. It had been working so perfectly up till now. Oh ya if all goes well he will also bring out non jewish stuff like bagels and pickles.


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