Friday, March 13

Give the dog a cigarette

Seriously people you have all been to the magical place known as the Internet. You know when you record yourself dancing or whatever you do you should follow two basic rules.
  1. Lock the door that is always right behind you. Your dad, mom or your crazy naked aged grandmother is going to bust through that door at any second and ask for the fruit salad recipe.
  2. Look around you. Yes the freakin dog is humping the hell out of something. remove it.
I know I said there are only two but more should apply like:
  • Don't upload a video that makes you look like a moron unless you enjoy that sort of thing
  • If you are taking bad supposed sexy pics of yourself in the bathroom for Myspace at least flush the damn toilet....eeewwww. I know you are doing it under the pretext that you are going to the bathroom but please for the sake of the net flush.
  • Try editing software. It is cheap and it can make you look marginally better....marginally
  • If you think you are that good that you should be recorded go somewhere other than your room. Small rooms do not help your dancing, juggling, I can fit myself into a giant rubber ball routine.
  • Lastly do not follow any of these rules because the Lurker would have nothing to put up on the site

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