Thursday, March 19

does the heart good

OK so the video below is a bunch of A list hotties ( yes the Lurker used the term Hotties. He heard it on the Television) Anyway they are all pressed together for an audition to the next top model or some such stupidity and then a car overheats. Steam billows out and of course most of these women have never dated a guy who didn't have a souped up vehicle. Suddenly one of the not so vacant ones, who has watched 24 because her boyfriend likes the guy who hits others, yells BOMB! They then all push forward mussing everyone's makeup and disturbing their giant hair. So of course faced with a possible bomb threat they break into small fights. This is all shot from a gods eye view and really makes you feel as if devolution is a happenin'

This might go nice along with the video
suzi quatro - can the can

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