Tuesday, January 6


Shaun was at the house recently telling me about a new diet product called ALLI that he said essentially liquefied fats. Now that is gross on its own but he also said that the instructions for this fine product include wearing dark colored pants and bringing a change of underwear with you for the first week. OK this is all gross but then I keep coming across all these stories of freak-os shitting everywhere. The Lurker believes there is a connection. So here it is
Taking ALLI will result in deliquent defication. There I said it and now the world knows. The story below will give you the reason behind my thinking. HA that was a pun. I said behind. It could be all the Dayquil I am taking. That might explain it as well.

the Lurker

A Madisonville man is facing breaking and entering charges after police say he broke into a Corryville building and used the mail chute as a toilet.

According to court records, Robert Davis, 54, was found inside a building on East University Avenue in Corryville Saturday morning. Davis allegedly forced the basement door open, stole property, then defecated in the mail chute.

Davis is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning

The lurker wishes him well and suggest he wear dark clothing.

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