Friday, January 30

No I deer

This is a bit graphic and bad but...
Google's street view camera car which the Lurker loves for all sorts of reasons hit a deer. This is not funny but the fact that it was all caught by the Google street view cameras is kind of, in a terrible way mind you, awesome. If you do not want to see a dead deer do not click. I must also say there isn't that much blood and this sort of stuff happens all the time in wooded areas.
The Lurker does recommend going to this site to read the comments which are of course tactful.

Below is 4 pictures of the moment. Go in order!

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  1. deer account for thousands of car accidents every year in the US, 200 of which end fatally for a passenger in the car.

    Sad thing- but in fostering healthier, higher animal populations (a byproduct of suburban sprawl) these incidents are going up.

    A lot of people may not like hunting, but it keeps animal populations as high as possible while keeping them healthy. It sounds counter-intuitive, but animal populations would go down if hunting decreases, because the population will swell for a short time and then as soon as over population reaches critical mass- mother nature steps in and passes out nasty diseases and starvation.

    Deer are susceptible to Lyme disease via the ticks they carry, and chronic wasting disease.

    scavengers like coyotes and raccoons often fall prey to mange and rabies.