Tuesday, January 13


The Lurker would like to apologize for the following rant.
Recently this site has gotten a lot more comments. Some telling me that what the Lurker is putting up is fake. The Lurker would like to kill this one right out. Most things on the net are fake like Fox news. I operate under the idea that everything on the net is an illusion of some sort. However not to get too esoteric but isn't all of life a possible illusion? So from here on out anything the Lurker puts up is mostly real or possibly fake. Stop worrying about it. The blog is called wasting time after all. If I called it a news site I might have qualms about this stance. Of course I regularly refer to myself in third person and call myself the Lurker. Kind of like the phantom but instead I am merely the one who lurks. OK everyone good on that one. BTW I do appreciate the people that wrote to let me know. It shows they have concern for my thinking. Most likely a mistake on thier part...

The second comment I have to address because it has wierded the lurker out.

The Lurker received this comment a few days ago
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Wasting Time Volume 49":

Just a question...
have you ever been told you're an ass?
Anyone who doesn't stand behind our troops can stand in front.
Coward...sending insults with pictures and not even having the balls to "use your words".

Now in answer to the first part you bet. The Lurker has been called an ass many times. I thank you for adding your name to the list. Oh wait this person who called the Lurker a coward did not use his real name. Irony? nope just dumb.
For the second part. What year is this. Does the Lurker support the troops. Of course. Who in this country does not support the troops? No really! Everyone supports the troops but we do not support the war you dope. Stop coming to this blog and just settle down and crack open a nice cold Budweiser and finish watching that NASCAR race you smartie you.
The smartie thing is more of the illusion from above.

The Lurker

Maybe this video will help

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