Wednesday, December 10

Your possible future

This is a link to a possible you. Remember a while back when you got all obsessed over the latest show? It started simply with you buying small things like posters or music and maybe a stuffed toy like that piano playing creature from Return of the Jedi that they finally made into a plush and you said it is so cute and bought it immediately without even thinking and now sits at the bottom of some trunk somewhere. You eventually broke out of this and started following the next big thing. Well this woman could have been you! She started obseesing over Pokemon and never got over it. She now has a gigantic collection and apparently sleeps on a mat on the floor dressed as a Picachu. It is a sad existence. She even has a Pokemobile. That sound slightly sexual....creepy.
Click here to see what you could have become if you hadn't given up your PowerPuff Girls obsession.
EXTRA: See if you can pick her out of the picture.

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