Friday, December 5

Oh my!

The Lurker and Mrs. Lurker were having a conversation early this morning about Miley Cyrus and whether or not she was Hannah Montana. Turns out she is! OK that is not why I am writing. I came across this just a minute ago and because of the conversation I had to check it out. Oh the reasonfor the duscussion was Apples to Apples Jr..

Meet Debbie. She is a prophet/ freak-o. She wrote on her site that "naked Miley Cyrus is Satan's favorite Pied Piper Slut." This woman seems neat-o. She goes on to tell how she speaks to god while bathing and how Miley has led 100,000 girls to , and this is the Lurker's favorite line, "the groin of Satan". She backs up all her claims the same way people do about the lizard men conspiracy with snippets that really don't make any sense but are damn good reading.

The Lurker believes that Debbie the psych.....prophet should be given her own show.

The Lurker would like to thank the population of crazy people out there for making life fun. Thank you crazies!

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