Thursday, December 18

left behind the times

This is a link to a service for people believing in the rapture. Essentially you sign up, give them a bunch of email addresses and if the rapture starts then they will email those people for you. They will tell the unholy you have gone to a better place to be with their kind in salvation forever. I hope they hired one of the Lurker's people to do this job because when the rapturess rapture begins who will press the send button? Who of course...the Jews. Then it will be hell on Earth with just the Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, and the rest of the other that inhabits the planet. It occurs to the Lurker that the world will be a better place. A lot less Nascar and the Cable guy comic. Oh man! I can't wait till it takes place. Just think no more Jeff Foxworthy. Hell on Earth looks awesome! Um...ya...ok ramble over. Check the site. Maybe even sign up.

Wouldn't it be awesome if some fun loving hacker were to trigger the email right now. Just a thought.

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