Monday, December 22

A BeTaMaXMaS and a rant

The Lurker loves this idea. A TV showing all the good holiday shows in slightly fuzzy versions. The Lurker can still remember sitting in front of the TV on the floor digging his toes into the carpet in anticipation of special cartoon. A holiday special of some sort with Garfield or one of the old Rankin Bass stop motion stuff. They would precede it with that way too exciting special promo.

Also the Bloom County, a wish for wings was another great one. I know you are reading this thinking but my favorite was always the Charlie Brown Christmas but you are wrong. You know you are just like the Lurker where you like two parts of it and maybe less. You usually start out like you are going to really enjoy it. I mean it is the peanuts and they are a classic that has been around almost as long as the Pyramids so they must be good. Well the answer is no. It is slow and boring. Yes I said it! Boring. You realize a quarter in that you would much rather be watching pure sugar like the latest popular show with a Christmas theme like the He-man/She-Ra Christmas Special. At least there you are not being preached at and are watching the visual equivalent of eating Lucky Charms. Filling and sweet but with not one ounce of nutrition. Isn't that what we want from these specials fun and no more? So to Charlie Brown I will put on your special to keep the tradition but i will do it more than likely in the same way I light Channukah candles. Just so I can watch the pretty lights.

Enjoy the show!

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