Monday, December 8

Back in middle school

OK this is really funny to the Lurker. Remember when you had a substitute in school and you would change the seating plan to have a bunch of fake names? Well the owner of the site Thank you George Bush is getting a taste of it. He has a petition you can sigh to thank geogrie for his service. However at around 500 it begins. Every jerk monkey has added names including hard on and Mike Litoris. The owner of the site is trying to wipe it out but it looks like he can't keep up. When I checked it a few hours ago the list was up to 1100 now it is at 1800. Just wonderful what happens when it gets listed on Reddit and Digg. Head on over and add your best name. Maybe the Lurker needs to be on the list.
Here is the site
Here is the list of signers

Coholic, Al

PS here is the Wonkettes take on it.

Additional info: The Lurker checked the site again this morning and instead of cleaning up the names he wiped every last one. So now it is just blank pages with numbers.
Thank you George Bush!

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