Saturday, September 6

one more time

OK I have watched the Jesus video 4 times and I keep finding weirdness. With all the groovy guys and gals what is with the lonely soul at the end? They pan to him once and he seems like he does not fit. I bet he came along for the snacks.
Totally worth watching again.

Also the fact that it is so damn catchy. thankfully it isn't a product of some sort because i would be buying truckloads of it but it is only Jesus....whew. A magical beast much like a unicorn

One commenter put "He loves me when I waste my time writing silly songs"...Now THAT IS love. Hahahahaha! The Skatalites got nothing on this bunch! See, now, what how Jamaican culture has polluted the message??"

The Lurker finds ska very very enticing and catchy. Sonseed I raise a glass to you!

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