Thursday, November 15

Wasting time Volume 40

Welcome back,
The Lurker has decided with all the different things stuff to get done Wasting time has to take a back seat and be updated every 2 weeks instead of every week. The lurker is trying to break 300 videos on Youtube and the Barflies has been taking up a lot of my normal do nothing time.

If you have watched any of the Lurker's Youtube Videos then you know the logo that is at the end of all of them. The god warrior who says "Dork Sided" has a freakin website. She tries to play off her insanity as a joke. Life is just a little to weird for the Lurker when she has a promotional site.
Well on to some good old fashioned wastes of time.


the Lurker


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  1. that gift of a treadmill is not going to do that bride any good....she's in a wheelchair!