Wednesday, October 31

Wasting Time Volume 39

Another week *cough* couple of weeks and a new volume of stuff to waste your time comes out. The Lurker got into work and decided to do his usual monthly check of my spam folder and The Lurker was greeted by the basic spam, Viagra, porn, too fat, too hairy, not hairy enough. This time however The lurker could not contain his laughter. The writing was too obnoxious and awesomely dumb. "Carina spreading apart her meat curtains" How magical is that? It is so damn hideousness. And speaking of hideousness because of Halloween the Lurker thought he would decorate for the great holiday. So we have this truck with people on the side. They are random people supposed to represent the place the Lurker works. So The Lurker printed out a whole mess of mustaches and taped them on. The Lurker found this hysterically funny but then again the Lurker has watched Daffy Duck do the same thing. Then The Lurker went to check on his work and someone had taken it all down. So the Lurker suing his brilliant deductions noticed a trash can and figured they must be in there so the Lurker put them up once again. This very morning they were gone. There is no laughter in some souls............................Maybe goatees next.

The Lurker

The Lurker never trusts zombies learn what to do. These people put out a series that helps you understand things of the net like Wikis and RSS feeds

WOW! so much to learn


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