Thursday, August 16

and on the seventh day he rested....

It is official the Lurker is tired, not of wasting time, but just in general and after delivering volume after volume every week since January The Lurker must recharge his batteries. So for a bit the Lurker plans to do some real lurking and just a little reporting. One instance is the Lurker's never ending search for the answer to what happened to Mr. Carvel. As you can see in the picture to the right The Lurker is doing some heavy investigation. I spoke to Fudgie and he knows less than you would think. Whales are you usually intuitive. Also The Lurker and Mrs. Lurker, and niece we went to Holy land USA. An abandoned religious park in Connecticut. Spooky and freaky and oh so strange. So over the next couple weeks I may or may not report back in but like the south The Lurker will rise again. If you do have websites or junk that we should all see send it on.

and now to the shadows.........

The Lurker

P.S. The Lurker plans to go see StarDust, It looks like one of those underrated fantasy movies that you kick yourself later for not seeing on the big screen.

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  1. I saw Stardust. Once I got over the differences from the book, it was pretty great.