Wednesday, June 20

Wasting Time Volume 26

Welcome back to the beginning of another work stoppage.
The first wedding is away and it was pretty damn awesome and the merry couple is off to the land of the aqueduct. Hopefully they are bringing the culture of the Lurker to those in Italy. Check out Shaun and Geoff's pics. Below is the GEEK bachelor party at a wonderfully old local movie theater. The movie was entitled several hours of 10 player HALO.

I know I am going to get a lot of emails about the next two videos but they are about people overcoming the odds.
Make it through the first song and then you have Youtube GOLD. The Bon Jovi song is freakin awesome. If you want to know more about the group click the video and their is a description. Oh also thanks to Jarrod for the submission.

The best cooking show ever. I love the Jelly.


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  1. The Faint is a band that got me through the years 2001-2003. They have a song called Worked Up So Sexual, which is about working in a strip club, from the stripper's perspective. It's effing catchy too.