Thursday, February 8

Wasting your Time

PLease comment on your favorites from the list!

IS it wrong to fire kittens in the air?

Brand new Apple commercial about vista.

I can’t decide creepy or cool. Go ahead throw the ball around.

Decidely not safe for work so check at home. A dictionary of sex terms like plate job….Shiver

Weird website devoted to a very small amount of videos. Check em!

A notice from Zapata’s Cantina.

I cannot figure it out. It looks both fun and disgusting. A kid favorite

Knitting is so popular so I give you a site about Bad patterns.

So you were born. That is a good start but what is your bible verse you were born under. And I say I am wasting your time.

I need this chair. It is so wonderfully awesome. As much seating as needed.

So you are obsessed with Pokemon and would like to talk like one well…

There is something mesmerizing about this one, the music is good too!

I found this and was frightened that there is a whole page devoted to stool colors…Yuck!

A garden where ever you go

The only thing I think of for this product is to make your prints in snow look like Hobbit feet

A site devoted to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force debacle in Boston. They are the BOMB!

I consider myself a geek but I had to take a test to be sure

This takes a minute to load but lightbrite is fun

The Iraq war rages on the battlefield and on TV. Now understand the hand signals.

There are certain things in life I find so funny and I cannot tell you why

Republicans are funny

So you have been stealing music from the net for your itunes but you want to support the artists at their concerts but how to find them.

Mug = Mouse

Freakin yeah or just a museum devoted to ‘em…Shiver

Yes I am that damn lazy!

I love me some mini golf

Robots are awesome and so is Optimus Prime…make your own

Seriously I have an iPod and I do not need to dress it up. This for those that need to waste some funds.

Who doesn’t like Dr. WHO?

Just a little computer music for you.

And Luke said unto thee….

Nintendo makes their products so easy everyone can use them

You are fast eh? Well go shoot a sheep then.

Need a sound get a sound

Zombies are everywhere BEWARE!

It is simple let all of play bingo during a speech.

Well Smurf you and your speech too!

Thank you Burton for making me look like a terrorist ninja on the plane. That should work out fine.

Sound off in Boston with ATHF

This should be very popular. It will catch on everywhere

Internet explorer has fallen now beat it

I have always love the overlord that is sister pirate nun.

We all have seen the people the day after a party. It is not pretty…but it is damn funny.

Blow it in her face and she will follow you anywhere?

Beware it circles the Earth and the apes are Angry

Just in time for your Valentine

Yo she is pug ugly

Give her a rose and she will be stuck on you. Ok that was awful!

Great Valentine Indie Music for free for the fake holiday.

I love this one if you are anti Valentines Day.

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