Monday, February 12

This Group was called Wasting time volume 6

Ok you have seen the Apple commercials but have you seen the English versions? It is a bit strange and entirely um well…British. Try Tentacle!

Finally a bumper sticker I can get in front of.

Ok this one is moderately safe for work…just a little game, rather frightening

Now I know many of you feel angry about this issue so I give a site to get in touch with your dime hating feelings

Ya no children for me thank you!

So you have tried to waste time at work before. This brings wasting time to a whole new level. Those that get motion sickness need not check it out.

Our friends say we have a large cat

A new product to be safe no matter where you go or end up…..if abducted

Nothing to tremendous here but some unusual hotels I would like to stay at

This is really only good for those getting married alas we don't have any one doing that.

This goes along with the product above

Pretty much safe for work but…. I know scarf knitting is all in now but these will keep you warm too

For those itunes buffs here is another take. I haven't tried this yet but it looks good

If you know what second life is then you should also be aware of first life

As far as I am concerened this is safe for work but it is sex related and really dumb. Video gamers need to look

Just a fun little music page you will need sound

I have no time for your so called crafts but each one of us is a precious snowflake

Yes there is a site devoted to shoelace tying. Really not kidding

Rather frightening pictures of celebrities

This was one of my favorite old apple applications….Eliza…tell her all your problems

Maybe a secret santa gift for the co workers

This is sooo retardely funny. You need sound

A slightly funny take on the mac page…meh

Nothing better than true wasting of time, a face manipulator

I used to think some of my friends had a lot of extra time doing their early stop motion weirdness but those were fun to watch. I give you star wars done with hands

Feel good or bad about your stance

I collect a lot of crap but this is a lame collection

Don't ask why just look

World beard championships

People with Jeremy. I think I dislike this child

I have never really been worried about banana bruising but now

I have not completely figured this one but very weird and slightly creepy

I am sure most of you have seen this. Spiders on drugs

Just a little note

I love this game

Stop motion paper fun

blinking good time

Aethists are delusional. I know cuz god said do. This is pretty awesome

Your world of warcraft addiction

Drink up Mr. awesome

If you do not remember this than I cry for you

WAMPA commercial

I too am this video

Best ad on the planet

Don't steal my oranges

naughty word on TV - Bad Quality

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